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Simonton and a-TaylorMade Window



a-TaylorMade Window has been selected to participate in  Simonton's Decorum promotion.

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Why choose Simonton?

One of the best Warranties
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Many Choices 
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Highest energy efficiency
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Standard Options
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Simonton has one of the best warranties on the market                                                           Top
  • Lifetime for parts including labor
  • Lifetime on accidental glass breakage, including labor
  • Transferable for a second Lifetime (no one else offers this)
Choices                                                                                                                                                Top
DayLightMax, one of the most popular models, has less frame and more glass allowing more light penetration than any other manufacturer / model  
Brand X DayLightMax
Note:  The top and bottom of the moving vent is a different height than the fixed part.  This is called an "uneven" sight line that some models have.  
Highest Energy Efficiency                                                                                                         Top

Energy efficiency of a window is determined by four factors (three of which include the glass, the gas and the spacer).

The fourth factor, the frame design, gives the DLM the advantage in U-Value energy saving performance (when glass, gas and spacers are equal in the windows being compared).

Standard Options (no upcharge)                                                                                             Top
  • Choose between Lowe2 or Lowe3
    (Lowe3 gives a better energy performance, blocks more heat from the sun, provides greater UV protection, but also blocks more visible light.)
  • Choose between the "autosense lock" or the traditional "cam lever lock"

Grid Design                                                                                                                           Top

              Flat                               Sculptured                  V-Groove (polished)
                             each available in a variety of patterns
Privacy glass patterns                                                                                                         Top
Custom Hardware Finishes                                                                                               Top

                White                                 Tan                              Satin Nickel
or Bronze (not shown)
Frame Styles                                                                                                                       Top

A choice of frame styles for retrofit applications can personalize the look you want. However, be aware that styles are dependent upon subtle methods of installation techniques.

Decorum                                                                                                                              Top

Decorum is a portfolio of styling options available for DayLightMax allowing you to create a look that is distinctively yours. Optional exterior paint colors are a part of "Tayloring" your windows to enhance the look of your home. 

Warranty for paint is 10 years against chipping, flaking or peeling, and fading.

Additional Simonton Lines                                                                                                       Top
  • Maderia - features a vinyl wide frame that complements classic architecture, modeling the "beauty of wood", with energy efficiency that far outperforms ENERGY STAR standards
  • Verona - offers a good balance of value, quality and energy efficiency however there are some limitations in this model


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