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Milgard and a-TaylorMade Window

Milgard Windows is one of the more common and popular brands of windows in the Bay Area.  Several reasons for this , in addition to their quality products, is their West Coast origin 50 years ago; multiple West Coast factory (2 in Northern California) selling to small and large retail big-box stores; and manufacturing windows in aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood.

  • Milgard Warranty
  • Milgard Options
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  •  Sound control
a-TaylorMade Window sells and installs each type depending the requirements of the homeowner and the installation method best suited to their particular home construction factors and personal preferences.

Milgard Warranty: for the original homeowner                                                                        Top
For original home owner
  • Lifetime for parts including labor
  • Lifetime on accidental glass breakage (not available in STYLELINE)
For non-original homeowner
  • Warranty ends after 10 years from date of purchase
Milgard Options: available on all their product lines
  • Suncoat LOWE2 coating (standard)
  • Argon Gas (optional upgrade)
    Improves thermal performance
  • Suncoat Max (Lowe3)   (optional upgrade)
    Provides best clarity and protection with a thin coating reflecting heat in summer and retaining heat inside in winter, and reduces harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture up to 95%
  • Privacy glass (some standard, some optional)
    Milgard offers multiple privacy glass options in two line, Tinted and Obscure


  • Grids 
       SDL only on Tuscany (vinyl)
       SDL on fiberglass (fiberglass on exterior, wood on interior)
    Milgard offers multiple grid options.  in addition to the common internal flat or sculptured girds, Simulated Divided Lite, SDL, grids applied to exterior and/or interior provide the 3-dimensional look.  All grids are available in a wide variety of patterns.
    Fiberglass grids are mounted to the exterior pane

    Aluminum grids are placed between the two panes of glass

    Wood grids are applied to the interior pane of glass


  • Window Locking Style

    Cam Lock

    Positive Action Lock

    available exclusively on Tuscany® and Montecito® premium vinyl windows and doors.

    Smart Touch Lock

    The easiest, smartest way to lock and unlock a window or door. 

    Milgard was awarded the 
    Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation in recognition of the SmartTouch lock and handle's innovation and universal design. 


Aluminum Windows
Note: California 2010 energy Code requires a maximum U-Value of 0.40.  Aluminum windows without a thermal break can get about a .43 with LOWE3 glass and argon gas.  Not all building juridistion are enforcing this code for retrofit windows.

Most of the aluminum window manufacturers have gone out of business or discontinued the production of aluminum windows.  Of the commonly know aluminum window companies in Norther California, half of the are product or light commercial product.  These products are suitable for single family residences, but those homes are situated on the higher end.

Milgard Windows is one of the few companies in Norther California that produces a good quality aluminum window.

Vinyl Windows
Milgard manufactures 3 models of vinyl windows: Tuscany, Monticeto (new construction only) and Styleline.

The Tuscany was designed for replacement application.  The style of the windows matching more closely the profile of wood windows.  Features mking the Tuscany stand out from other window brands are:

In addition to the standard white vinyl, Milgard offers a standard tan color that is different than other "tan/almond" colors of other manufacturers which is in addition to the standard white vinyl.  


They also offer 7 other premium external vinyl finishes.

A hidden screen pull rail built into the frame of the screen that makes screens easy to remove.

Milgard Fiberglass, two lines to choose from                                                                              Top

Milgard Ultra Series and WoodClad Series fiberglass windows and doors are designed to look more like wood windows.  In most cities that have requirements of wood windows being replaced with wood windows, fiberglass windows may be an option.

In addition, the joints are permanently joined with stainless steel screws not staples or nails for a cleaner, more professional look.

Woodclad is identically the same as the Ultra Series but has a vertical grain wood veneer on the interior.  This feature allows you to mix and match Ultra and WoodClad with an identical exterior look but "Taylored" to your interior decor.

Due to the advantages of fiberglass over wood as indicated in this chart, Milgard Fiberglass windows are a serious consideration (when possible).


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