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for home owners with discriminating taste

Marvin Windows sets themselves apart from other manufacturers in the area of retro-fit wood windows.  When replacing existing wood windows their unique approach means you 

do not have to modify your window opening which can lower your installation costs and help maintain the look and feel of the original structure.  

Unless you are prepared for a complete removal of the window frame, you should look at Marvin Windows Ultimate Replacement Series.

Marvin has so many different styles of windows each with their own unique features and options that we're providing you with highlights of a couple of their offerings.

Call us at 800.675.1551 for a FREE in-home estimate and we'll give you the full 67 page Marvin Catalog and a 5-minute demonstration of how these products can be retrofitted into a wood opening.

Marvin Warranty                                                                                                                           Top
  • Glass products - 20 years from date of purchase
  • Non-glass components - 10 years
  • Labor - 1 year from date of purchase
Marvin Window Styles                                                                                                                  Top
The most common window styles are casement, double hung and picture windows
but Marvin takes these styles to another level.  Just a couple examples are shown here.
Casement window

Ultimate Replacement Casement:
allows you to keep your existing frame or wallpaper intact. Open and close from the side with a folding casement lock.

Easy Rotary wash mode:
This window features an easy wash mode allowing the window to rotate inward making both the interior and exterior accessible for washing from the inside of your home - ideal for 2 and 3 story homes. 

Ultimate French Casement Window has no center stile or vertical post, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy an unobstructed view
Ultimate Push Out
The sash limiter allows you to preset and lock the window at 3 separate angles so you can safely open your windows even on windy days.
Double-hung window examples

The Ultimate Insert Double Hung replacement window is a beautiful alternative to a vinyl window.  There is no need to take out the current frame, remove trim or replace wallpaper.  

The sash even tilts or comes completely out 
to make cleaning 
a snap.

Easy cleaning double hung

Not only do the upper and lower sash operate and tilt with ease, they are both removable without removing the screen.

Marvin Windows offers several screen mesh options
Charcoal fiberglass

Charcoal aluminum wire

Bright bronze wire

Black aluminum wire

Bright aluminum wire

Hi transparency mesh
Full or half screen double hungs
Full screen
Exterior screen with an aluminum surround

Half Screen
Exterior screen with an aluminum surround. The screen covers only the bottom sash

Marvin Choices                                                                                                                        Top
  1. Grilles



    SDL is an energy efficient way to create the look of divided lites.  SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass. SDL bars are combined with spacer bars installed between the glass, creating the essence of Authentic Divided Lites Separate panes of glass are glazed between muntin bars - the way windows have been made since the beginning - for the traditional appeal (available for wood units only)

    Solid wood Brilles on the interior offer the look of classic divided lites, but can be easily removed for cleaning Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes for low maintenance (available with a two-tone option)


  2. Cladding
    Optional cladding colors

    Wood Specie
    Select between a wood (interior and exterior) window in one of 7 wood species or a wood clad model, selecting one of 19 different colors for the exterior and a wood specie for the interior.


  3. Hardware finishes
    Not all finishes are available in all products. The standard (no-charge) finishes are satin taupe and bronze
Select between a wood (interior and exterior) window in one of 7 wood species or a wood clad model, selecting one of 19 different colors for the exterior and a wood specie for the interior.


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