One of several installation methods may be more appropriate for your situation than another. There is always a cost trade-off so you need to know exactly how a contractor plans to approach your job and why a particular installation method is being used. Factors that determine which installation method is to be used include the frame construction of window that is being removed, the frame construction of the new window being installed, and the personal preference of the owner.
To protect yourself, make sure the contractor you select is licensed, bonded, insured, and technically competent. Understand what kind of warranties they offer and how reputable the manufacturers are of the products they sell.

A contractor is only as good as the worker sent out to do the job. Are the installers experienced? Can they do more than just install the window, such as change the size of the window, or do dry rot repair? Are they respectful of your house? Do they clean up thoroughly?

Our installers are adept at multiple trades including: finish trim work; drywall and texturing; exterior siding; insulation; dry rot repair; structural modifications, including new openings or closing openings; minor electrical work; stucco; and tile work.

Use the following websites to help you in your selection of a reputable contractor. But remember, nothing beats calling referrals.

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