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a-TaylorMade Window offers many different styles of patio doors from most of the leading manufacturers.  Whatever material you choose (vinyl, woodclad or fiberglass), there is a style for you that can offer a striking architectural accent and allow you to enjoy an outdoor view. Some of the more popular considerations are presented below.

  French patio doors come in many sizes and configurations

Swinging French doors (to the inside)

A pair of doors that are both active gives you much natural light and ventilation. The drawback is that they eat up a chunk of space when swinging open and can limit furniture placement in a a room. If space is a consideration, enjoy the look of the hinged door but swing only one panel.

Swinging French doors (to the outside)

Another space saving alternative is to use doors that swing to the outside.  The downside is that the doors would be subject to deterioration from weathering, especially the tops.  If wood doors are important to you, out swing doors are  not recommended.

French center-hung door

If you like the French-door look, but space is tight, consider installing a center-hung hinged door that allows furnishings in front of the fixed panel.

Contemporary French Patio door

A contemporary door has a sleek narrow profile that maximizes the glass area.



French Patio Doors with Operable Side-lites

French doors with operable side-lites provide ventilation to the room without opening the doors.


  Sliding patio doors come in multiple types as well
   Lift and Slide Patio Door

The Marvin Lift and Slide Patio doors are available in sizes up to 48 feet wide.  These stunning doors allow a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. Option styles include pocket door panels that slide into the wall, completely disappearing from view, and Stacked panels slide and stack perfectly within the doorframe.

 Standard Sliding Patio Door

A sliding patio door  might be the answer when furnishing a room is a challenge because you can place a piece of furniture in front of the fixed panel of a sliding patio door without affecting its operation or impairing traffic.

   French Rail Patio Door
This door combines the function of a sliding patio door with the aesthetics of the wider styles of a swing French door.

   Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Bi-Fold doors (by Marvin) can be  configured from two to eight panels and use an extruded aluminum track to fold smoothly to one side. They open wide to infuse a room with fresh air and spectacular views

  Choosing a door
As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  a-TaylorMade Window can provide you with one or more door products if you have in mind what your wants and needs are, and if you don't - we can help you get there during our no obligation and no pressure consultation.

As you preview the considerations above, keep in mind these steps (in order), to make the task of choosing easier:
Choose Style Sliding Door
  • Contemporary
  • French Rail

French Door

  • In-swing
  • Out-swing
  • Single Hinge
  • Pair of hinged


  • Bi-Fold
  • Lif & Slide

Choose Frame type Wood interior


Exterior color 

Other options Glass


  • In between the glass
  • Simulated divide lites
  • V-groove (polished)


  • Multi-pivot locking mechanism
  • Handle color
  • Handle style

Screens or shades between the glass

Pricing considerations Some general pricing considerations follow:

Viny (and aluminum) are the least expensive material.  Typically woodclad will cost the most.

Hinged doors will cost more than sliding doors.

Higher priced doors have more options to choose from such as: grids, hardware, colors and styles, and screens).

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